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Tunisia is a small country with a small population.

After its Independence from France in 1956, Tunisia got an authoritarian leader “mr. Habib Bouguiba” that permitted ladies unmatched rights in the Arab world, yet still very insufficient to catch up on turkey women rights for example. He managed well the education and vacation (Tourism) of a population that was 16 years old in average.
Tunisia today have a very educated population (in average 32 years old) looking for work and business opportunities not yet feeling the need for health services.

Its east, is old, is advanced in the previous form of Tunisia politics and is relatively rich. It is evoluting with the youth taking over their parents from a sanction form to manage workers to a reward form of it.
The west of Tunisia is young, is not really a politician and is relatively poor. Previous regimes miss-management of it did not provide roads to ports and did pollute some agriculture waters with industry. Some did force tourism against the capital Tunis will at the Time and are today very interesting as bases to develop their surrounding, namely: Matmata ,Douz, Touzeur, Tboursouk, and (Tbarka that have unlike the others access to fish).

The best hotels are often in : Karthage neighborhood, Sejnane, Tbarka, Tbuorsok, Touzeur, Douz, Matmata, Jjirjis, Jerba, Kerkna, Sfax, Chabba, Mehdia, Monastir, Msakin, Sousse, Zaghouan, Hammamet et Klibia.

Even if developing countries and taking big risks are very lucrative, remember that many small risks are better then few big risks (that taking the stairs is better then jumping through the window).

Zaguia, Habibe Bourguiba st. , Ksar Hellal, 5070, Tunisia
Fatma building, Sahloul 3 avenue, Sousse, 4054, Tunisia